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So – now that you know the truth about fusion101 – that free in this case really does not mean low quality service or members, as with virtually all other free dating sites that are in fact useless as the profiles are not vetted and most are fake (did you know there are companies that will sell you 20,000 fake profiles for your dating site!? Fusion101 is – indeed – it was created to help church singles – not fleece the flock.

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The history or Timeline of Fusion101 service for single Christian is as follows.

Fusion101 think it important that all who work and use Fusion 101 know a bit about how and why this site started: Fusion101 – Original Vision – mid 1999 This was to help church singles as I felt the secular scene always got a better deal – not just in respect to meeting people.

Where as most sites that claim thousands and even of millions are usually combining their members on all their special interest sites – meaning that the Christian element on most sites are pretty small.

Fusion does indeed have 1000’s members and genuine profiles!

Having said that, if you are prepared to look through many pages of profiles (the search is pretty limited).

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