PMC (shortened from Persian Media Corporation or Persian Music Channel) is a free-to-air satellite TV network owned by Persian Media Corporation with its headquarters in Dubai Media City. The network is devoted to Persian music videos from ex-pat Iranian singers, as well as Iranian singers based in Iran Persian Broadcasting Company is a Persian television company in the United States.


It was founded by Persian TV personality Alireza Amirghassemi and Masoud Jamali.

It offers 24-hour news, movies, music, talk shows, cooking lessons, children's shows, and other Iranian lifestyle programs.

The channel grew out of CCTV International, which was launched on 15 September 2000.

CCTV News coverage includes newscasts, in-depth reports, and commentary programs, as well as feature presentations.

It caters to a global English-speaking audience, including overseas Chinese and English speakers in China.

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