6 signs you re dating a loser

I understand I may be a little harsh but the truth is trust fund babies also have a huge problem – they don’t know how to survive without money from other people.

6 signs you re dating a loser-23

Loser Trait #4: She hangs out mostly with guys I may get a lot of flak for this one, but yes, girls who mostly only hangout with guys are problematic. Unless they grew up together or had some special situation like they’re in a band or they all work together.

So really, she’s leveraging a guy’s attraction for her for friendship.

Loser Trait #3: She’s always out of money, has no car, and can’t take of the basics of food, shelter, clothing and transportation A girl who’s out of college should at least be able to afford her bills and lifestyle.

If she’s over 23 and still doesn’t have all these handled, it shows a personality defect in planning.

As the end of the day, I need someone who can support me in my conquests, not drag me down with them. So this post is dedicated to my future sidekick, to let out my inner frustrations at my current pool of dating applicants, and to hopefully help you see the signs of loser mentality in otherwise hot girls.

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