A sexchat conversation full early warning signs dating violence

Bang on average, the girls tell me (they say above average but I think they’re just being nice).

I will tell you that i have been blessed in the three areas men care about most – legs, ass, breasts, but anyway, moving on….

They showed promise, but again I’ve not really had a good look Her: You are terrible.

So if she’s smart enough to google any of the texts she’ll see this.

Due to the rather intimate nature of the texts I’m withholding her photo.

But since i had my heart broken repeatedly by the same cunt and had it smashed around and then began to piece it back together only for him to swoop in a slide it around on the floor again…. But i am sorry, he does not deserve any other word. And now it has happened to me i am a bit more contrite about my horrific abusive behaviour.

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