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The doctors in the areas of Chindwada and Nagpur are guilty of having committed a serious error in their treatment of a young man who was badly injured in an accident. On February 28, our mother brand, Dainik Bhaskar, had reported of a case of acid attack being registered in Meerut.They declared him dead and kept his body in the mortuary overnight. The acid attack which allegedly had taken place in Paith Bazaar on two sportswomen - Shalu and Garima - had the police running helter-skelter for clues against the woman they accused....Harshad Chopra was born on 17th May in the year I really dislike rumours.

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This comes from the sparkling bond they share off-screen. However, this didn't stop him from giving birthday bumps to the girl.

Looks like the actor made up a goofy and fake scene for Zoya where she had to fall and he took his revenge on her.

and they were not sitting next to their other co-stars..krystal,lallu and others..were with each other and this dude 3.

The way aditi places hand on his shoulder thats speaks a lot of familarity..... professionals dont do that and they the other awardies..were given award by people they worked with for more than a year or so but it was very professional but the way aditi placed her hand on HC's shoulders speaks lot more than that... Watch very carefully, when harshad thanks friends and family..he says family he looks at aditi!!!!!!

Harshad and aditi coat Adult dating portfolio forthcoming web.

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