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To commemorate the new milestone, Margaret Anne and Geoffrey Zakarian decided to build a new restaurant called “Country”, which was later awarded a Michelin Star, which means the business is recognized as one of the world’s greatest dining businesses.Geoffrey and Margaret now have three children who became the definition of joy and perfection for the couple.(Didn’t make it past the waiting list for Fabio Viviani of Top Chef fame.) Released on April 9, 2013 Available on for .85 It was definitely worth every penny.

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People who knew Margaret know for a fact that she’s a believer of the quote, “Do something twice before concluding you hate it”, as she was born a risk-taker, and subsequently a leader in industry.

However, Margaret has lived in the shadows – not much is known about her personal life except for her businesses and relationship with Geoffrey Zakarian.

Meanwhile, Double Seven is at the heart of New York City, and offers a luxurious lounge for small to large gatherings.

Geoffrey Zakarian, better known as the Iron Chef, met Margaret Williams through a mutual friend.

Through the intricate interior design and the cuisines made by Geoffrey, it caters to more than 100 customers every day.

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