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The tensions that have revolved around this ancient shrine spring from these competing beliefs and have been exacerbated by the Middle East's convulsive politics.

The 1948 war which brought the state of Israel into existence left Jerusalem a divided city, with the Arab-dominated eastern sector – including the Old City and its associated holy sites – falling into the hands of Jordan, while the Israelis took command of the Western half.

ABGKS Therefore: The conversations that are carried out with the intention of making others fall into sin (lustful conversations), such as explaining or describing sexual acts and scenes, are haram.

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While Jews are allowed to visit the site under supervision, they are not permitted pray there, a restriction which successive Israeli governments have observed.

Jewish worshipping rights are restricted to the Western (or wailing) Wall, which is situated beneath the platform of the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount and is believed to be the sole remaining part of the ancient temple.

Indeed, after the 1967 war, an Arab neighbourhood adjacent to the wall was demolished to create a platform where Jews can now pray.

But in recent times, radical Right-wingers have refused to be satisfied with this and have begun clamouring for prayer rights inside the compound itself.

In summary, he likes any action that non-Mahram women are participating in more than any other work.

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