Ashton kutcher dating who speed dating lyon 2016

Meanwhile, Kunis had started dating actor Macauley Culkin back in 2002.

Their two young children are quickly becoming world travelers because of it and Kunis said their daughter, Wyatt, has even learned to pick up some of the Hungarian language while they were in Budapest. Although their careers sometimes cause the couple to spend time apart, they are still married and showing no signs of relationship distress.

(Already the child speaks Spanish, English and mom’s native, Russian.) #milakunis and #ashtonkutcher in #thats70sshow . They confirm that they are not in marriage counseling, and although they do fight like every couple does, their marriage is as strong as ever.

It’s probably because they met at such a young age on the set of .

When they were teenagers there weren’t any sparks flying though, and the couple went on to have separate lives before finding each other again.

But once they realized they truly cared about each other, the relationship became more serious and things moved quickly between them. The couple welcomed their daughter, Wyatt, in September 2014.

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