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So, we can see that pages ending in ) for processing. You can readily set IIS to look for Web applications within any folder of your choice, including the folder in Windows Explorer, and compare it with the folder tree that appears on the left of the IIS console, you’ll notice that the folders in Explorer also appear under your Default Web Site node.

Note that, while several of these folders have the regular Explorer folder icon in the IIS view, others have a special Web application icon, indicating that these folders contain the pages and other items for a particular Web application.

Instead, you need to open them in your browser using the special Web address that indicates the current computer,

If you try this now, IIS will open up some HTML help documentation, because we’ve not yet set up a default Website.

If your version of Internet Explorer is earlier than 5.5, you can download the latest version (version 6 SP1 as of this writing) for free from the Internet Explorer Website. NET will work with older versions of IE, certain ASP. NET Framework includes the necessary files to run and view ASP. NET Framework SDK includes samples, documentation, and a variety of free tools. NET Framework SDK also provides you with the ability to install MSDE, the free database server that you can use with this book. NET Framework and SDK are installed, little else needs to be done for you to begin working with ASP. NET Server 2003, in which case you can skip directly to installing the SDK. NET redistributable package, which is approximately 21 MB, and includes the files necessary for running ASP. Download and Install the Redistributable The best method of acquiring the .

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