Best friend is dating another guy shenae grimes and shane kippel dating

My best friend and I—who is a male—have an ongoing joke that if we both fail at finding our “true love” in the next ten years, we’ll get married.Our reasoning is we both want kids but don’t want to be too old to have them and that, well, we’re best friends! But if you really do some deep thinking, does it actually make sense to marry your best friend?However, in order to make a long-lasting, happy marriage, you have to be sexually attracted to them.

If one of you wants to travel the world for 10 years before settling down and the other is ready to buy a house and start their life, it won’t work.

Make sure you both have similar long-term life goals.

If they’re truly your best friend, then you love them already! You have to really trust your partner with everything—including your life.

The real question comes when you start to think about if you’re “in love” with them. Sometimes you can be in love with your best friend without even realizing it. If you realize this sooner rather than later, you should marry your best friend. If you know you can trust them this way, you should marry them. Futures have to align with the person you could potentially end up marrying.

The one that will be there for us through the rest of our life stages.

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