Blue moon dating agency

She is determined to travel there and confront him, against David's advice. The finale involves a poker game in which Maddie stakes everything she owns against the accountant's money.

David convinces her to fold but then realises she had a winning hand.

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Richie found $100,000 under the hood of his car, but refuses to go to the police as he is sure the money is "dirty".

The money belongs to a drug dealer, who corners the Blue Moon team.

The company's main competitor claims that he is getting his inside information from a psychic.

David and Maddie discover that the father of Maddie's friend also visits the psychic and conclude that he is selling company secrets, however the case turns out not to be that clear cut.

The investigators discover that the person who actually hired them was an impostor and must find the real killer, leading to a chaotic chase scene in which everyone is wearing the same dress and veil.

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