Brothers dating same girl

You might also wonder if we would find the same effect in men: Do men choose female partners who resemble their sisters?

Saxton and her colleagues speculate that this is likely, and that the effects might even be stronger that those they observed for women: “Men might find sibling-resemblance less aversive than women do, and this can be explained by men’s lesser reproductive investment and hence lower risk in a sub-optimal partner.” In other words, women must carry a baby to term and then tend to take on the lion’s share of childrearing duties, while men are more likely to abandon their offspring.

Although Demi and Joe broke up back in 2010, she's remained close to both the brothers since. Though Demi and Miley Cyrus are no longer BFFs, back in their Disney Channel days, the two rising stars were inseparable.

We hope the fling didn’t make things weird between Kendall and Justin.

Not only are they longtime family friends, but they’ve also been romantically linked in the past.

So men have less to risk from mating with a very closely related person.

( a conversation topic for your next family gathering…) For an audio version of this story, see the 6 June 2017 episode of The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast.

There is a wealth of research showing that individuals, across a wide range of species, are more reproductively successful — that is, they produce more offspring — if their mate is not too genetically similar , we risk separating out genes that work well together or are adapted to our local environment.

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