latest american dating websites - Browser not updating favicon

It works fine in Chrome and Firefox so it looks like this is an issue with how IE handles and stores the favicon[email protected] I'm afraid the issue you're experiencing is not directly related to the Create Elm App project.Once you’ve selected them all, go to Edit If you need to refresh/fetch the favicon for a single favorite/bookmark, select only that one in the app, right-click it, and select Refresh Icon from the context menu.

For desktop users, this makes using Edge Web apps better, especially with the advent of web notifications.

Now if only Microsoft allowed Web apps to run in their own “sticky” Windows similarly to Internet Explorer apps or Chrome apps, then perhaps Edge would become even more viable for power users. Try this out and let us know how you feel in the comments below.

While generating a simple favicon for this blog, I went through a little exercise on how to generate a favicon with transparent background.

I did not want the favicon with square block background which runs a risk of not blending well with the browser tab background as seen below: Here are the steps I took to make this icon transparent. Note that when you do that, instead of a pop-up window, you will see an attached window (shown below) appear on the side.

The app allows you to do that as well though, understandably, it will take far more time to do it since you have to download the favicon, and then set it for each favorite/bookmark.

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