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The judicial system barely functions in Cambodia, and most cases of domestic violence go unreported.Many women are discouraged from going to the authorities, doubting their chances of getting justice and fearing that they could put themselves at risk of reprisals, shame and loss of reputation within their communities.Phnom Penh – There is a proverb in Cambodia, “Men are gold and women are fabric.” Women who lose their virginity before meeting their husband are considered used fabric, smudged and broken.

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The same report showed that 96.2 percent of Cambodian men and 98.5 percent of Cambodian women think that a woman should obey her husband.

And 67 percent of women believe they should tolerate violence in order to maintain the family.

Kraen’s passive attitude is part of the legacy of Chbab Srey, which until 2007 was part of the school curriculum: Be respectful to your husband. The only reliable data on gender violence in Cambodia comes from statistics compiled with the support of the international community, says Rodrigo Montero, advisor to the German agency of International Development Cooperation (GIZ) in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Cambodia.

Help yourself well and keep alive the flame of the relationship, otherwise it will burn. The latest comes from a report conducted by the UN on violence against women in Southeast Asia in 2013.

In the case of rape, only one public hospital in each province and a few large hospitals in the capital can issue certificates that are admissible as evidence in court.

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