We4nMiay, February 24 Ernest Tubb and Tammy Wynette 12. Chalk 22 Channel 2 - Making a  - "Horsing #.round" - Jan 13. Raw metal 49 Move swiftly 25 - M*A*6*I - '*Kim" - Mac Lean Stevenson, Alan Alda, Wayne Roger& A small Korean boy with minor injuries captures the hearts of all in the 4077tt L Trapper's in particular.overhears a customer divulge the number of the winning horse in a fixed race. A" I I I I I I I I I You can find the answer to this riddle by searching the pages of this issue.She throws an annual Yuletide party for children " from a local orphanage and kidnaps one of the little girls who reminds her of her daughter. -10 O'C, lock News- An hour ofnewswith co- anchors Dennis Richmond and Barbara Simpsor L Gary Park covers sports and Pat Mc Cormick reportsthe weather, ,i S:00 -  Maffmlae - Scheduled segments ' Include a report on the physical and emotional , problems of "latchkey children," kids who are responsible for themselves after school while both i parents are at work. ,, ily member arranges for a hapless manager and hver-the-hll/flghter to lose a boxingmatch so that he ,: force the proprieter of a gym, who has bet heavily on the wrong man. A suave con man taking advantage of a small town divided by rival mine operator& passes offa drunken drifter as a hired killer. 8 O'Clock Movie - *'11m Tin Star" - Henry Fonda, Anthony Perkins, Betsy Palmer. befriended by a young half-breed Indian and hls white mother, helps the young sheriff to handle the tough town bully.

Faucet 18 Gordon's parents come for a visit to meet Gretchen and stage in a salute to the fatherof the Grand Ole Opry, with 1. She must also contend with a father who tries to convince her to plead guilty rather than face a trial which would reveal her homosexuality. Special: Adults $1.50 Children Call 894-8321 for info. de A woman a beggar a quarter, the gave womal the beggars sister but the beggar is not th, man's brother, how can this be?

guests Minnie Pearl, Gene Autry, Emmylou Harris, 9. - Barney Miller- "Heat Wave" - Hal Linden, Jack Sod, Gregory Sierra, Abe Vigoda_ Wojo wears a female disguise for special duty in t he park and Jan ice is miffed because a would-be rapist prefers Wojo to her.

The second segment examines the rising number of Americans who are overextendlng their credit. Stubing and his crew kick up their heels in a special two-hour musical extravaganza, "The Love Boat Follies", a cam py tribute to the movie musicals ofyesteryear.

Stars Cab Cailoway, Carol Channing, Van Johnson, Ethel Merman, Ann Miller and Delia Reese.

- A Barbara Walters Special 2012 0 - Barbara Waiters will Interview four of our country's most celebrated movie and television stars in this one- hour special. - Father Murphy- "In God's Arms" - Father Joe Parker decides against Murphy's advice and leaves the priesthood to work at a frontier saloon, but his deaf man for a drunk driver and treats him r0ly, $: desire to help people In tuble a resurface Stars '".sta? ' ," Not So Mllflem=t Six"-A - BOb Hope's Women I Lovo--Beautll Bat sleezy novelist hires six gunmen to go after Maverick so Funny - Special - Over 100 of Hollywood's most thathecanget'somegoodstorymaterial, and Bret must glamorous women have appeared with Hope in his three decades of specials, and many return to show some of their best moments they shared on tape with him.

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