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Because we’re feeling mighty kind and want to bestow you with the confidence to go out there and court your celebrity crush, we rounded up a list of celebrities who are married to average Joes and Jills.

Though everyone is ~special~ in their own right, you have to admit, it takes a certain kind of luck to catch the eye of an A-list crush. We don't know too much about their relationship, as Gordon-Levitt likes to keep the relationship private, telling Howard Stern in 2013 he doesn't "really like to talk about it in public." Zoë Saldana and her Italian artist husband Marco Perego wed in July 2013 and now have three sons together.

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married, they are long-term partners and were engaged once in 1992.

Graham, an educational marketing consultant, began dating Winfrey in 1986.

Nothing that gives us more hope than when a super-hot, famous celebrity ends up dating—and eventually marrying—a totally regular person. ) Now, while we know it’s still unattainable to fit ourselves into the Ryan Reynolds and Blake Livelys and Beyoncés and Jay Zs of the world (you know, the A-list celebrities who are so impossibly A-list, they would never go for a plebe like us?

), it’s still fun to ogle at the stars who married outside of the elusive Hollywood circle.

I don’t know how else our paths would have crossed if that didn’t happen," Damon said.

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