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a reply to: Scientific Railgun Everybody wants a scapegoat lol, but as a man I can't stand by and watch lame excuses from cave-dwelling blokes who blame women as a group for their personal problems.

Individual women of course, maybe..blaming 'women' as scary terrorists is lame and I think a few members here need to get a bit of sunlight and address their issues properly before blaming their problems on women who are chasing equality.

The dating scene is were you can witness the human animal in all its hilarious glory and unglory, like a monthy python sketch, its chock full of humor and plenty of odd moments.

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Another effect is that The Pill works by tricking the body into believing it's already pregnant.

And what does a female body do in the early stage of pregnancy? So this could be playing into the obesity epidemic too.) There's probably something to that.

In the meantime, Ranma was discovering enemies of his own. Were he able to teleport or fly like the other generals, they would prove no obstacle at all. Let's get you in-"He reached for Ranma's shoulder, and was intercepted midway as Obsidian clamped an iron grip around his wrist."You touch my lord with your unwashed-""Obsidian! " Ranma barked and, with a grunt of disgust, she released the officer to clutch his arm back to his chest and stare at her. and he'd felt so weak, suddenly, and even now he felt taxed."I must apologize, officer. friends have a habit of reacting immediately when someonce perpetrates an action they interpret as either violent or an insult to my personage."The gears in the policeman's skull were almost obvious in their turning, the sudden weakness completely forgotten.

While limited to simpler modes of transportation... "Ranma had gathered enough information to know the general requirements of those who were the age that he appeared to be. The not so accidentally dropped syllable had changed things...

"One thing we do know is that scientists are becoming increasingly concerned by recent studies which show alarming effects on wildlife and human cells.

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