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However, in some versions it is necessary to travel to at least the second galaxy to access the game's missions.

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Stars are always separated by interstellar distances effectively untraversable using the ship's sublight engines.

Travel between stars is accomplished by hyperspace jumps, and is constrained to those within range of the limited fuel capacity (a maximum of 7 light years) of the ship's hyperdrive. described by the manual as "a dangerous and difficult activity", but in practice a fairly simple process far easier than manually docking at a space station—and collecting free-floating cargo canisters and escape capsules liberated after the destruction of other ships.

There are a number of poorly located systems that can be reached only by galactic hyperspace— these are more than 7 light years from their nearest neighbour, thus trapping the traveller.

Braben and Bell also checked that none of the system names were profane - removing an entire galaxy after finding a planet named "Arse".

They first approached Thorn EMI; the company's rejection letter stated that the game was too complicated and needed to be finishable in 10 minutes with three lives.

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