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Tech companies trying to “reach into people's souls” to better understand them – or to better understand how to market and monetize them – is not unheard of.

Some years back – before all hell broke loose against the company for different reasons – Facebook subjected its users to an “experiment” deliberately manipulating their news feeds to see how they would react.

Spotify's business model is to provide free streaming with ads on top, and a paid subscriber option.

It's a strategic choice, dating back to 2015, now in effect for three years, the article states.

It adds that Spotify has gone on collecting and selling this kind of data, investing in studies, research and marketing, and providing advertisers with “an interactive hub” on the Spotify for Brands website.

As a point of trivia, the cancellation of Mauler and its naval variant also led to the adoption of the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow by the US Navy (which had been anticipating the navalized Sea Mauler and had already designed the Knox-class frigates around it) and the development of the British Rapier SAM system.

The VADS is a powered mounting which is manually aimed by the gunner with the radar only a rangefinder, and has an effective range of about three quarters of a mile against airborne targets and 1.25 miles against ground targets.

The goal is to help them better exploit “mood data.” The website also lists some of those who have already had success selling their products on Spotify in this way: Dunkin' Donuts, Snickers, Gatorade, Wild Turkey, and BMW.

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