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I simply chalked up my tour to experience and stored it away in my drawer of experience - live and learn.The upside is that I did have a great time in Nikolaev.Another thing I discovered is that if you frequent many of the same places, like the gym, restaurants, even a museum, women will approach you. You can meet women here by doing absolutely nothing...

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But it's way too expensive on Dreamconnections! I took the same kind of tour to Odessa through other site - and it costed me less than 2K. Where else can you meet 100 beautiful women who seek long term relationships without spending larger amounts of money and time? 2) These are NOT models or sex workers, rather they are good, beautiful, hard working women. You will not succeed without putting in some preparation. Some women were total walk-ins, and many were not listed in their database, which meant they were not registered with DC.

I recommend these tours, chances are high that you meet a great lady who is genuinely interested in you. Some ladies were totally bored through the two-day speed-dating process; one was on her phone all the time reading, another was reading a book and did not participate in any of the conversations. A lot of the women do try to extract money from the men on tour.

I don't go ga-ga over them when I see or meet an beautiful woman here; I am very relaxed when talking with a woman here.

However, if you choose to meet women here, they are indeed very approachable compared to the USA.

All in all, it was a great vacation for a week's time and I had good memories as well, even though I did not meet the girl of my dreams.

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