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The UJC is establishing a Greeter Corps, a group of volunteers to welcome and assist both members and visitors at services and other events.

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This meant it was a trivial task for the researchers to reveal the data on the client side, even when users are supposedly restricting their location data.

This leak meant that Pen Test Partners could discover the locations of 3fun’s users worldwide, where it appeared to find users in the White House, the US Supreme Court, and 10 Downing Street in the UK (although it’s possible that these users were spoofing their locations).

Being part of Greeter Corps is a great way to fulfill the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim, of hospitality and welcoming. We always love to welcome new students to Shorashim.

If you have the right stuff -- if you love the UJC and want to share that love with others, then email The UJC office to volunteer. If you know a family who may be interested in joining Shorashim, please pass on their contact details to Rabbi Martha and we’ll be happy to reach out to them.

Not an interfaith, interracial, mixed, different, special, unique relationship. One that, when we get married, cannot be officiated by an Orthodox or Conservative rabbi, or be recognized in Israel, because I’m Jewish and he’s not. What weirds me out isn’t that our marriage wouldn’t be recognized in a vast number of Jewish institutions.

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