Consolidating debt uk

Whether you're buying your first car or upgrading to a newer model, a loan gives you the freedom to buy your car exactly where you want with no limit to the miles you can do. If you want to borrow more you can top up your loan.

In this case your new loan will pay off your existing loan and you will continue to make one monthly repayment.

You may also be able to claim interest and charges on old payday loans. Check credit reference files for free Before you start, it's worth ensuring your ability to get new cheap credit isn't being hampered by duff data on your credit files.

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Budget and reduce outgoings If you have debt problems, then doing a budget is central. To help, there's a special free budget planner which counters all the traditional budgeting problems. The scheme gives you a loan to cover the interest (and only the interest) on your mortgage up to certain thresholds.

You have to get a handle on what you spend to future-proof your finances. There's also information on repossession and rent arrears.

The rate we offer you depends on your personal circumstances.

The maximum APR we could offer you on any loan amount is 24.9%.

Santander Personal Loans are available over terms of 1 to 5 years.

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