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Likewise, both reports shone a harsher light on bank-sponsored, for-profit retail super funds than on union-backed, "profit-for-member" industry funds, whether the topic on hand was performance or acting in the best interests of clients.

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority's latest data, meanwhile, showed combined industry fund assets under management surging 16.4% to A2.7 billion over the 12 months through Sept.

If you do not remember which previous funds you were with, you can get in touch with your former employer.

They should have the records as to the superannuation fund used while you were employed with them.

It’s also important to check if the transfer affects any fund-based personal insurance you may have.

Media Super has a flexible range of insurance benefits available including arrangements to transfer cover to Media Super.

Just create a my Gov account and link it to the Australian Tax Office. If you've changed jobs a few times or regularly work on short projects, you may have accumulated multiple super accounts over the years.

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