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And Paul Vallas, the former schools chief in Chicago and New Orleans, would allow local school council members to vote on three appointments to the school board — a proposal similar to Daley’s own, which would retain mayoral control over the board.

That control — which Richard Daley fought for and won in 1995 — is seen as a major contributor to waning enthusiasm for participation on local school councils.

Parents must make sure CPS has correct phone numbers to reach them.

Any changes to the councils’ powers or how they are constituted would have to come from lawmakers in Springfield.

Daley said he’d start making the case for his plan with Chicago-area state legislators.

As Chicago Public Schools officials get closer to closing more than 50 elementary schools, they were releasing new details Tuesday on how they plan to tackle one of the most sensitive issues: blending two schools into one.

If he becomes mayor, Daley says he would seek to consolidate more than 500 Local School Councils into 50 neighborhood councils that would each oversee eight to 12 schools.

Amara Enyia has pledged to “increase support for LSC infrastructure,” while John Kozlar’s campaign says he would work with the councils to improve education in the city.

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