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But what if a workplace comedy stretched that reality to even more depressing extremes?That’s what Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman, and Pat Bishop’s — serves up with a supporting cast including Anne Dudek, Aparna Nancherla, and Lance Reddick as the CEO/evil overlord of the largest corporation on Earth. Second, we’re all about exposing the frailty of America’s financial institutions via over-the-top satire.

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Season five ended with Jake and Amy’s wedding and a cliffhanger about whether Holt will become NYPD commissioner; season six picks up right where five left off, with Jake and Amy on their honeymoon and the gang getting back together. swung from laudatory to derisive in record time, and after its poorly received second season, it seemed possible that the anthology series would never return.

But time truly is a flat circle, because 2019 is giving us not just a third season of , but a third season starring Mahershala Ali in three different timelines, playing a man who struggles to solve a case that eluded him as a young detective and continues to haunt him in his old age.

Adlon directed the entire season, co-wrote most of the episodes, and of course starred in them all. And as the show’s narrative careens toward an inevitable conflict between the Old Gods and the New, we’ll also be getting glimpses of the past, including a look at the 1930s, when the Technical Boy was the Telephone Boy.

The third season will be her first without her longtime writing partner, disgraced comedian Louis C. Gaiman worshippers rejoice, for your savior’s work is being done.

With the news that the show will wrap up after this batch of episodes, there’s hope that it’ll go out with a bang, and maybe, the possibility that some of poor Kimmy’s trauma will be resolved.

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