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You aren’t forced down a linear path, required to make a yes or no decision about every person the app presents before you meet more potential matches.Clover lets you scroll through every possible partner.It’s pretty much everything that apps like Tinder have tried to, removing outright rejection from the equation.

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Betches, the digital media brand geared toward women, is looking to get into the love business.

Specifically, it’s launching a new dating app called Ship that allows users to vet prospects with their friends, a capability the app’s creators hope will set it apart in a virtual sea of dating apps.

Clover doesn’t share a whole lot about users unless you decide to pay, so physical attraction is the primary motivation for most interactions on this app.

Which is totally cool – embracing that is great and probably leads to some fun times.

You can of course review the person you’re paired with before confirming so if you browse a dude’s profile and all his favorite movies are documentaries about serial killers, you can cancel the meet up.

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