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This is much to the glee of Perverted Justice, which views child sex abuse as a vastly underrated evil, one deserving of harsher punishment.

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' To Catch a Predator' may be trying to protect minors from online sex offenders, but according to many experts, the show is a perversion of the way the criminal justice system is supposed to work.

Getty o one is home at this house on the Jersey Shore — no one, that is, except a very cute and horny fourteen-year-old.

Twenty-four states now forbid sex offenders from living near a host of public places — including schools, parks, day-care centers and bus stops — effectively shutting them out of many cities.

Florida and Oklahoma require some sex offenders to submit to GPS monitoring for the rest of their lives.

There’s the eyes of the operation: Mitchell Wagenberg, a spy for hire wearing a long, skinny braid down to his butt, presiding over seventeen cameras hidden in dried-flower wreaths and the toaster. ” sting, the space has been converted into the warren of Perverted Justice, a secretive citizenry of seventy-five predator-fighting zealots determined to save children from the long-term scars of sex abuse.

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