Cam mayotte tgp - Dating at west point

My supporters, as usual in my experience, were specific and factual.

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He makes sure every cadet he comes across who expresses an interest in joining the military is made aware of your site and how to get to it.

He does not militate furiously against the military so much as he tries to make sure they know that there are other experiences and views available to them that they would be well advised to carefully consider.

He's completely free of the desire to join the military now. He said just two days ago that he can still here the sonic crack of the bullet he dodged when deciding not to go the military route as he'd dreamed of doing since his elementary school days.

I credit several sources for the removal of the rose colored glasses about the military: your columns and your book Succeeding, a former Navy pilot-turned-history-professor who echoed your views to him, two recent Army veterans who told him that their experiences were even worse than what you guys talk about, and my own discussion about why I did not sign Air Force enlistment papers as an 18 year old.

There are comprehensive lists of intellectually-dishonest debate tactics at my article on the subject at

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