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Most of our meetings are open group discussion, although occasionally we have a physician or other guest speaker.

By 1797, a young surveyor from Virginia named Lucas Sullivant had founded a permanent settlement on the west bank of the forks of the Scioto River and Olentangy River.

An admirer of Benjamin Franklin, Sullivant chose to name his frontier village "Franklinton". After the Revolution land comprising parts of Franklin and adjacent counties was set aside by the United States Congress for settlement by Canadians and Nova Scotians who were sympathetic to the colonial cause and had their land and possessions seized by the British government.

Ohio Friends Support Meeting Thursday August 1st, 2019: p.m. Westland Area Library Community Education Room 4740 W Broad St Columbus, OH 4322 Ohio Friends Support will meet on the first Thursday of every month (unless it falls on a holiday). At meetings, we also have a library of herpes literature available, including pamphlets, brochures, and articles.

Please note, we are moving back to our original location.

A large Irish population settled in the north along Naghten Street (presently Nationwide Boulevard), while the Germans took advantage of the cheap land to the south, creating a community that came to be known as the Das Alte Südende (The Old South End).

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