Dating greek orthodox women

At the initial meeting between the priest and the couple, dates and times will be set.

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If you are not an Orthodox Christian you are urged to partake in a spiritual preparation guided by your parish priest/pastor which will grant you a renewal, enabling you to prepare spiritually for your wedding The following documentation is required: 1.

The Orthodox person must be a member of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Greenville, South Carolina, having pledged for the current year. A certificate of baptism from your parish (if you are from a community other than Saint George).

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony can be performed on the above dates only in an extreme emergency and by dispensation by the Metropolitan.

For a Greek Orthodox priest to be allowed to celebrate a marriage, at least one of the two spouses must be of the Eastern Orthodox faith.

It is an historic event that will be remembered by you for the rest of your life.

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