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At Elisa's graduation, Ricky comforts Elisa in her sadness at her mother's absence and first big step into womanhood as she starts her period; Kim counsels Gigi in her concern about eventually having to decide between her career and having children.

Since the loss of his beloved Isabella three years ago, Ricky Cooper's only agenda has been to be the best dad he can be.

Mirabel gets her sisters rethinking their wardrobes when she's stopped by Ricky trying to leave the house wearing an inappropriate outfit; Ricky's brother and sister-in-law ambush him with a double date.

Rosa notices that the Cooper family is absent of their Mexican heritage and teaches them all to Salsa at her senior's bingo night; Gigi struggles to hide her intelligence so she can fit in with friends at her school.

And now, one suspects, the show will pretty quickly fade.

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