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This is a very foreign subject to most modern "Western" people today.

Your mother's brother was basically your father and the most important person in your life.

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If she chose to marry him, she cooked the deer meat and offered it to him.

If she rejected the deer meat, it was assumed to be a denial of this suitor."Cherokee were matrilineal, meaning children were NOT part of their father's family.

If the matrilineage liked the idea, they would send word back to the boy's matrilineage.

However, although they arranged the marriages, the girl had final word, and her consent was required."Southeastern Indians' favorite places for sexual episodes were corn cribs, corn fields, and bean patches." (Page 198).

I'll discuss that in another post, but here, I'll just mention that among the Northern Iroquoians there was a tradition of almost-marriages before actual-marriages, a distinction frequently lost on Euro-Americans.

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