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And you can do the same, making it difficult to move on from old flames that fizzled. On your first night out your date yells at the waiter and can hardly form a sentence. Your prospective partner may be hiding behind an alternate persona, or you may have created a false image of who you think the person is based on a few comments they made.

Our best allies when looking for a partner – instincts and common sense – can become cloudy behind a computer screen. As a relatively new medium for dating, there is a lot of unchartered territory on social media sites.

For partners who are trying to interpret each other’s cues from behind a computer screen, social media can be rife with misunderstandings and mixed messages.

Because it is so easy to do, people may find themselves obsessively checking these sites and stalking their partners or potential partners.

What if you’ve been in a committed, long-term relationship with someone and you suddenly see that they changed their status to single? If you’re not meticulous about deleting records, social networking sites like Facebook make available all of the posts on your page since you first created your profile.

This means people can look back at your history and see the start – and potentially embarrassing end – of past relationships. Online we can choose to present ourselves not as who we are but as who we want to be.

#2 In-Person Meetings Occur with Virtual Strangers.

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