Dating pewter marks

dating pewter marks-85

Obviously, those pieces made prior to the 1958 founding of the Guild, will not carry the mark of the American Pewter Guild Old Sturbridge & Historic Newport Pewter Pamphlet (Courtesy of Charles C Stieff III) This piece does have some damage.

The corner of the pamphlet has been cut off, editing some material in the interior.

In the dealer book they appear much larger, so for better detail and measurements, please refer to that section.

Other Pewter Price Lists are available in the PRICE LIST section of this site.

To View the Early 1960’s Stieff Pewter Dealers Catalog and Price Lists Click Below PEWTER: Early 1960's Dealer Catalog This pamphlet is 3 5/16th by 6 1/4 inches closed and scanned it in the original colors. Precision Woodcrafts, the company that made the wooden handles for Stieff pewter and silver can still make replacement handles for your Stieff & Kirk Stieff items.

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