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This happened to a friend of mine and she was adament she didn't want to be induced.

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NB it would have been 6 days, but that put me at 14 weeks, and so too late to have the nuchal scan - when I started to cry at this news (pure frustration with a system that gives you an appointment for a test so late that it can cause this to happen) they adjusted it slightly to make me 13 weeks 6 days instead.

I keep thinking that if I go past my EDD, they will be wanting to induce me 5 days before they would have otherwise.

Check with the hospital, but if their protocol is the same they will not alter your EDD (expected date of delivery) if your dating scan only has a five day discrepancy.

Have'nt actually come across this before - ie two scans so close together, giving slightly different dates, as most of the women in our area are lucky to get one scan!

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