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If you’ve devoted yourself for years to a man who wouldn’t , you’re probably of the opinion that men have to be cajoled into monogamy and marriage and would prefer to date forever instead of settling down - even when they fall in love.

You make negative assumptions when he’s late, hasn’t called, or is acting withdrawn - that he’s thinking of breaking up with you.

He may not be thinking any such thing, but you wouldn’t know, because you’re afraid to ask.

People constantly tell you you’re a great catch, and this makes you No matter what you do, every guy you meet lets you down. He did a slow fade after you slept with him, leaving you dejected and wondering . Bad date after “blah” date has you feeling hopeless, worn out, and depressed.

How many sleepless nights have you spent second-guessing yourself or wishing for a different outcome with a man?

Why is it that a great woman like you is still single? He strung you along for months before finally admitting he wasn’t ready to commit.

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