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d) The conversation flowed, but based on what you talked about you’re not sure you have much in common with one another. This will help you truly become a SELECTIVE DATER, the importance of which I discuss in Chapter 7 of my ebook.

Hopefully he’ll reciprocate more on the second date. It will allow you to weed out the undesirables in the dating pool and leave you with only the most qualified candidates!

The following quiz is designed to help you learn more about yourself and how you typically protect yourself when you are under stress. Hailstorms (maximizing) When I get upset I tend to… • turn to others and talk to them about what I am going through. • need others around when I am upset and am very open with my feelings.

The purpose is to foster a greater awareness so that you can act from a more conscious place. • express my needs verbally and try to get my partner to hear and to respond.

When it comes to our relationships and dating lives, there is always one type, and in some cases, a group of guys who we should avoid at all costs.

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