Dbgrid row cannot be located for updating

rs.update rs.close set rs = nothing Can anyone offer any suggestions as to why this is happening? I have a Strange problem : In my database (SQL 2000), I have a simple View : CREATE VIEW dbo.

dbgrid row cannot be located for updating-50

But thank you for helping, I will try to find another way to solve myproblem (using my TADODataset) and maybe implement the Client Data Set later.

If you can give me others hints, I'll will be appreciate.

Thank you Christian Post by Kevin Frevert Leaving the defaults alone, the only thing you should have to change (allat design time) is the TData Set Provider's Update Mode (Up Where Key Only)and set the TADOData Set's TFields provider flags accordingly.

I set the following Up Date Mode := up Where Key Only; Options := [po Propogate Changes]Resolve To Data Set := True; Data Set := Link To My TADOData Set Component; I can Edit and post my data Set, but when I want to apply these changes to Unable to find record. Post by Christian Dubois- in my TADOData Set to set the provider flags- in my TClient Data Set to properly set my Display Label and Display Formatto view it in my DBGrid Also, this solution is not easy for me to implement because all my code iscurrently writen to work with a TADOData Set.

View_Estim Prod ASSELECT *,(SELECT SUM(Cmd Sous Total) FROM cmd WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE Cmd Type = 20 And Cmd Date Livraison Estim Prod. Estim Prod Here is an example of the result Esp UID Esp Date Fin Esp Prod Max Planifie4 2006-03-24 300000 518169,3555 2006-03-31 30000 386288,926 2006-04-07 300000 472065,177 2006-04-14 30000 486509,3625When I am updating this View (I want to change Esp Prod Max), I am obtainingthe error message (related in the topic) for records 5 and 7. I tried to Add a trigger (instead of update) to avoid updating the aggregatefield Planifie : no change. I am Using Delphi 7 with a TADOData Set component with SQL 2000. see my reply to the post of Dan R made on the 21st April regarding "MSAccess boolean fields"--Best regards :)Guillem Vicens Meier Dep. clubgreenoasis.com--Contribute to the Indy Docs project: order to contact me remove the -nospam I am using a client-side cursors and I cannot use a server side cursor.

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