Derek dating

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Derek dating

Hayley also shared a #tbt Instagram post in May 2017 that showed her and Derek onstage, looking all steamy together. Growing up, I listened to her CDs on repeat (in my Walkman 😂). ♥️ Celine is QUEEN, forever and always @celinedion P. The craziest thing is, I still have yet to see her live! A post shared by Hayley Erbert (@hayley.erbert) on Nuff said, right?

I also danced to just about every single song of hers, thanks @missjonjon! Derek's Instagram is filled with videos of Hayley cooking (most likely ridiculously nutritious meals to fuel all that dancing).

In one particularly sweet vid, he serenaded Hayley with "Shallow" from , he Instagrammed a photo of the two of them from his sister’s wedding and wrote, "I’m so thankful my love is safe."https:// B/Born on October 11, Hayley's a total Libra.

And since Derek's birthday is May 17, that makes him a Taurus. Let me finish…'Okay, Derek, imma let you finish, but only if you keep posting more adorable Instagrams of Hayley in the meantime.

The couple presumably took the photos of one another.

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