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Although her job as a nurse frequently keeps her away from home, Amy does everything she can to be there for her kids.

Unfortunately, this often leads her to be too overbearing, something that she improves upon as the series progress.

However, although the two didn’t get off to the best start, Teddy and Skyler end up becoming good friends.

However, over time he starts to bond with his little sister and is later less resistant when his parents welcome another child into the family.

Much like some of his co-stars, Bradley Steven Perry remained with Disney for a while after “Good Luck Charlie” ended. Aside from Charlie, she rarely gets along with any of her neighbors and has a particular dislike for Gabe.

He’s often tight with his finances, much to the annoyance of his children, and prefers to handle things himself whenever something needs doing.

Unfortunately, his plans rarely ever work out, forcing him to pay out for someone else to get the job done instead.

They showed a lot of promise while on Disney Channel, but has that manifested into anything now that the sitcom is over?

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