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Reeves was a correspondent for the show for a few months until it got cancelled.

Despite Keanu being a great correspondent, the show was still ranked one of the worst in Nickelodeon history.

He has starred in some of our favorite movies – the Matrix (which, by the way, are WE ourselves living in one too? But it turns out that there is a lot more to this actor than meets the eye. Many times agents have to try their hardest to convince directors and producers that the actor or actress that they represent are not idiots and will understand the script. In fact, it is a blessing and a curse that the producers and directors know he is so smart – a blessing because they know he will understand the script, but also a curse because he will tell the directors or producers if a script or movie idea itself is stupid.

He left Beirut with his mother at a young age and from there moved to Sydney, Australia.

Keanu Reeves has only seen his father for brief stints since he was born and cut off all contact with his dad when he was only 13.

In fact, Keanu Reeves’s first ever foray into the world of acting was appearing on an episode of Hangin’ In, a popular show which ran from 1981-1987.

One of the many reasons that Keanu Reeves did not initially finish high school was due to the fact that it was difficult for him to read due to him having dyslexia. In fact, he was such a problematic student that he was forced out of nearly every school he attended.

However, it turns out that Keanu was actually born in Beirut, Lebanon.

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