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It is safe to assume you are curious to see what beautiful faces are included in this star-studded line up of ladies, so we have narrowed down his alleged conquests to a list of the top 20 hottest women Diddy has been with.

Diddy sure did love him some supermodels, and he was infamous for flying them around and keeping them close to him.

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One of the many was the beautiful Alicia Duvall who he was rumored to have dated around 2002.

Douvall is originally from Britain and known for being a model and also her involvement, in reality, TV shows.

She is also well known for a number of plastic surgeries she has undergone.

She claimed to be pregnant with Diddy’s baby but he denied it, and she sadly ended up miscarrying the baby, so the claim was never able to be substantiated.

This man has been a success in many ways and Forbes confirms it by listing him as being worth over $735 million.

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