Disabled christian dating top 10 pc dating games

Finding another Christian to date is the best way to find someone with the same beliefs you already hold dear to your heart.

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I progressed from walking with a walking stick to a walking with crutches and by the time four years have passed began using a wheelchair.

My husband has had three heart attacks so his health means that he is not able to assist me by pushing my wheelchair and there are many occasions when he is not fit enough to accompany me when I go out.

Christian Dating Advice For Men Every man has his own ideas about disabled dating and Christian men are no different. Do not ever compromise your values for someone else.

If you consider yourself a Christian man, you might be interested in some Christian disabled dating advice for men. You have every right to believe the way you do and when you find someone you would like to date she should be respectful of your feelings and your beliefs.

Four years passed and I finally got my first wheelchair and Ive learned to drive.

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