Divorced dating connection

Divorce rates have been on a pretty sharp decline since 2008, mostly because of the things millennials are apparently very good at is staying together (take that, all our parents).

Still, divorce isn't totally extinct and it never will be. Natalie: My high school sweetheart—we met through mutual friends and youth group and had known each other for years.

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RSVPs were already starting to come in and, in my mind, it was too late to go back.

Walking down the aisle, I felt like I was making the biggest mistake.

Krysta: I started dating immediately after I left the home we shared and used dating as a distraction to get through the divorce. When I was seeing people casually and knew nothing was going to come of it, I did all I could to avoid the topic.

It worked, but I had to tell a few people and it was awkward, but no one got up and sprinted for the door.

Maxine: Depends on the person and how serious I am about them.

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