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I have the odd night where it takes awhile to fall asleep and I wake a few times in the night but by god that's nothing compared to what used to be hours awake in bed EVERY night of my life. p.s Convince yourself that even though you are awake, you are still getting rest and rejuvenation by laying in bed, you need to not focus on not sleeping as a bad thing.

(well unless you are mega sensitive to a small amount of panadol and codeine)Most of those old ones are great for knocking you out to sleep. And all that feeling is the feeling of "okay time to sleep now".

It has never failed me as long as I have been physically tired and up for long enough.

I think you delay bed by one hour each night and get up at the same time, and then you eventually spend one entire night awake and then the final night you pick your new bedtime and stick to it.

I don't think it would have worked for me, but might work for you.

If you REALLY want to get to sleep, shit nothing else has worked so well and the first few days it leaves you slightly groggy but absolutely NOTHING on the over the counter restavit and others i have tried! Unless the benefit is from a placebo effect (which in many cases it is), then if you use it regularly you're going to develop tolerance and it will stop working (unless you keep increasing the dose).

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