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Cyber criminals are attempting to blackmail unsuspecting victims by claiming to have used the victims' password to install spying malware on the victims' computer.The criminals claim theyve recorded videos of the victim watching adult material by activating their webcam when they visit these websites.

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What makes this scam so convincing is that the email usually includes a genuine password the victim has used for one of their online accounts.

We believe criminals obtain the passwords from data breaches.

There may be many reasons a conventional bus service cannot be used, bus stop too far to walk, unable to carry shopping, cannot board a conventional bus.

The fee for a trip within the Dover, Deal and Sandwich area is 2.50 for a single journey. The cost of Hospital trips to QEQM or Canterbury will be quoted at the time of booking.

We continue to receive reports of criminals tricking victims into buying i Tunes gift cards as payment for various types of fraud.

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