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TG co-founder David Wood has told me in an email to ‘dress up, explore my imagination and fantasies, and be an active part of the event’ and we’ve certainly ticked box number one, kitting ourselves out in full latex get-up. In a body-hugging latex green dress, glitter speckled cheeks, ivy crown and heels, the girl turns heads.

When crushed, myrtle leaves exude a soft eucalyptus aroma reminiscent of the Australian gum. Myrtle does not appear to have a medicinal use like eucalyptus, but the leaves are dried for potpourris and used to flavour pork and game dishes.

Usefully, they keep their rich, emerald green colour when dried.

On hot summer days there is often a very slight aromatic scent as you brush past the leaves, so place your plant close to a door or path whenever you can.

The Greeks and the Romans held this elegant evergreen in special regard.

The fragrant flowers, though small, are packed with a mass of gold-tipped stamens that gleam in full sun.

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