love or dating - Exclusively dating and taking it slow

And rememberthis is not the ONLY guy in the world, and this is certainly not your last opportunity at finding "love." Hello, Ive recently started dating someone whom I met a couple of years ago.I really liked him when I first met him but this time it's been hard for me to feel anything for him. Last time we met we were both just having our fun and hooked up for one night so when we came across each other again I was wondering if that's all he wanted again.

I'd just get some clarification as to what exactly he's expecting and looking for so you know how you're supposed to respond or not respond.

Sounds like you're just floating out there with no idea how to to act or when to act.

My friends liked him a lot, and told me I should continue keeping in touch with him. He started to go there on our last meeting..when I gently pushed him away, he asked if it was too soon..apologized.

I did.met a few times after that..came down to visit me twice.I went up to visit him once. He was respectful after that, and still wanted to see me the next day. But...thing is...he's not very good at keeping in touch. I met him on friendster, and we are also in a long distance relationship!

He's very close to his mom, and the rest of this family in general. I believe his dad and his sister died (not sure of the circumstances...soon to talk about something as personal as that...). We actually met thru Friendster (we have a couple friends in common, which is good).

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