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3 In legal disputes, the court or arbitral tribunal personifies the reasonable man.

Standard of Reasonableness as Limit to Execution of Contract Employment Contract Sales & Purchase Contract Services Contract Loan Contract Bankruptcy Agreement Asset Management Agreement Merger Agreement Pledge Agreement Joint Venture Lease Contract Change of Control Provision Subject to Newco having entered into a confidentiality agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Company, in connection with its consideration of whether to submit its own Acquisition Proposal, during the Acquisition Proposal Notice Period, Newco shall be entitled to examine, at its expense, and the Company shall make available to Newco, the Company's books of account and records and to discuss the Company's affairs, finances and accounts with its officers, and Company shall make such officers available for such purpose, all at such times as may be reasonably requested by Newco during the Company's normal business hours, on terms substantially similar to those granted to a third party, if any, that has submitted and Acquisition Proposal that has been the subject of an Acquisition Proposal Notice.2009Official Statement In the event that the Bonds, or the remarketing of the Bonds, should become subject to the continuing disclosure requirements of Rule 15c2-12 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the "Rule"), the Issuer will furnish to the Underwriter all information reasonably required by the Underwriter to comply with the Rule (...)1998Definitions Hedge means, with respect to any or all of the Purchased Mortgage Loans, any interest rate swap, cap or collar agreement or similar arrangements providing for protection against fluctuations in interest rates or the exchange of nominal interest obligations, either generally or under specific contingencies, entered into by Seller with Buyer or its Affiliates, and reasonably acceptable to the Buyer.1998Affirmative Covenants of the Seller Seller shall provide Buyer with copies of such documentation as Buyer may reasonably request evidencing the truthfulness of the representations set forth in Section X, including but not limited to resolutions evidencing the approval of this Agreement by Seller's board of directors or loan committee and copies of the minutes of the meetings of Seller's board of directors or loan committee at which this Agreement and the Transactions contemplated by this Agreement were approved.1998Affirmative Covenants of the Seller Seller covenants, upon request of Buyer after the occurrence of a Collateral Deficit, to enter into hedging transactions with respect to fixed rate Purchased Mortgage Loans in order to protect adequately, in the reasonable judgment of Seller against interest rate risks.1998Events of Default In making a determination as to whether an Event of Default has occurred, the parties hereto shall be entitled to rely on reports published or broadcast by media sources believed by such party to be generally reliable and on information provided to it by any other sources believed by it to be generally reliable, provided that such party reasonably and in good faith believes such information to be accurate and has taken such steps as may be reasonable in the circumstances to attempt to verify such information.1998Remedies(...) The parties recognize that it may not be possible to purchase or sell all of the Purchased Mortgage Loans on a particular Business Day, or in a transaction with the same purchaser, or in the same manner because the market for such Purchased Mortgage Loans may not be liquid.

This examination right shall not be available with respect to proprietary information not directly relevant to transactions under this Contract (...)2000Default Remedies If a Party is in default, then the Performing Party shall have, in addition to any and all other remedies available hereunder or pursuant to law, the right to withhold or suspend deliveries/receipts or payment and/or to specify an Early Termination Date and to liquidate any or all Forward Contracts (including any portion of a Forward Contract not yet fully delivered) then outstanding at any time or from time to time thereafter by (...) discounting each amount then due under subsection X above to present value in a commercially reasonable manner as of the time of liquidation to take into account the period between the date of liquidation and the date on which such amount would have otherwise been due pursuant to the relevant Transaction (...)2000Lessee's Covenants The Lessee covenants and agrees that it will (...) pay or cause to be paid, all reasonable expenses and costs incident to the authorization, issuance, printing, sale and delivery, as the case may be, of the Bonds, the Lease, the Indenture and this Bond Purchase Agreement, including without limitation (i) all filing, registration and recording fees and expenses; (ii) Trustees' fees and expenses (including the reasonable fees and expenses of its counsel); and (iii) fees and expenses of Bond Counsel and Counsel to the Issuer.2002Force Majeure(...) The party that is subject to a force majeure shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cure or remove the force majeure event as promptly as possible to resume performance of its obligations under this Agreement.2002The Closing(...) The Closing shall commence at a.m.

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He helps Jonathan Sims with the archived statements by looking into the details of various cases.

In addition to the below, each party will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide in a timely manner information required for the other party to perform its financial reporting and billing activities (...)2009Conditions to Purchaser's Obligations All corporate and other proceedings in connection with the transactions contemplated at the Closing hereby, and all documents and instruments incident to such transactions, shall be reasonably satisfactory in substance to the Trust and its counsel.2009Shareholder Vote In connection with the special shareholders' meeting and each annual shareholders' meeting described in clause (a) or (b) above, the Company shall prepare (and the Trust will reasonably cooperate with the Company to prepare) and file with the SEC a preliminary proxy statement reasonably acceptable to the Trust, shall use its reasonable best efforts to respond to any comments of the SEC or its staff thereon and to cause a definitive proxy statement related to such shareholders' meeting to be mailed to the Company's shareholders promptly after clearance thereof by the SEC.2009Depositary Shares Upon request by the Trust in connection with a proposed transfer of the Shares to a third party, the Company shall promptly enter into a depositary arrangement, pursuant to customary agreements reasonably satisfactory to the Trust and with a depositary reasonably acceptable to the Trust, pursuant to which the Shares may be deposited and depositary shares, each representing a fraction of a Share or multiple Shares as specified by the Trust, may be issued.

From and after the execution of any such depositary arrangement, and the deposit of any Shares pursuant thereto, the depositary shares issued pursuant thereto shall be deemed "Series C Preferred Stock" and, as applicable, "Registrable Securities" for purposes of this Agreement.2009Non-assignable assets(...) The Company shall use its commercially reasonable efforts, and Buyer shall cooperate where appropriate, to obtain any such consent necessary to effect any such assignment (...)2010Earn Out Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Earn Out Payment is a material part of the Purchase Price and the ability to receive the maximum Earn Out Payment is a material inducement for the Company to enter into the Agreement.

He looks into Amy Patel's medical conditions, finding that she suffered no long-term consequences from her concussion (MAG 3).

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