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To find the volume of the entire shape you find the volume of each individual shape and add them together.

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To check if a particular point satisfies an equation, all you have to do is substitute the value of the point in that equation and check if it validates the equation.

Now, substitute the given point with an unknown coordinate in that equation. In this video, the instructor shows how to find the equation of a circle given its center point and a tangent line to it.

To do this, take a graph and plot the given point and the tangent on that graph.

Now, from the center of the circle, measure the perpendicular distance to the tangent line. Using the center point and the radius, you can find the equation of the circle using the general circle formula (x-h)*(x-h) (y-k)*(y-k) = r*r, where (h,k) is th...

To do this first name your two points as point 1 with coordinates as x1, y1 and point 2 with coordinates x2, y2.

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